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Welcome aboard. 欢迎加入到我们的队伍。
I have nothing against you. 我对你没意见。
It's nothing personal. 这不关私人恩怨。
Show time! 开始啰!
Let's party! 开始啰!
He's in good hands. 他情况很好。
You talk as if I were some shrimp. 不要把我当作软脚虾。
Sure thing. 当然啰。
Not even think about it! 想都别想,门都没有。
Back off! 退后!
Don't you question my judgment again! 你不要再质疑我的判断力了!
You'd better tell us right now! 你最好现在就实话实说!
Or what? 否则呢? 要不然呢?
I don't think we're going to make it. 我不认为我们会成功。
Nobody walks away! 所有人都不可以离开!
Nobody leaves the room. 所有人都不可以离开房间!
Not the way I see it! = I don't think so! 我不认为如此。
Use your head! 用大脑想想吧!
Can you go any faster? 你能快点吗?
He's slowing us down! 他拖累我们。
I owe you one! 我欠你一次。
You damn right you do! 你他妈的确实如此!
He finally asked me out. 我终于约我了。
Keep an eye on Webster. 小心韦伯!
Thank God! 谢天谢地!
He took off. 离开了。
It won't happen again. 不会再发生这种事了。
Almost got all of us killed. 差点就把我们全部害死。
How did you lose your sight? 你怎么失明的?
I don't know how to thank you. 我不知该如何感谢你才好。
I'll never ever do you wrong again. 我不会再起不起你了。
It’s a figure of speech. 这只是个比喻而已。
She got a big mouth. 她是个大嘴吧。
She found fault with everything. 她吹毛求疵。
I met her in person yesterday! 我昨天亲自跟她见面了。
I couldn't handle it! 我受不了,我应付不来。
It's not going to work. 行不通的。
Who gives it a shit! 谁在乎啊?
I don’t give it a damn! 我才不在乎呢!
Sorry, I'm being a pest. 对不起,我越来越讨人厌了。
Go! Piss off! 滚!
Send for the doctor! 去请医师来!
Send them (in). 去叫他们(进来)。
Hold on! 等一下。
I'm trying to live with it. 我很无奈,得过且过。
She's the cheer leader. 她是拉拉队队长。
You got me! 你难倒我了。
You could've fooled me. 你差点唬倒我。
Did you ever get over it? 你熬过来了吗?
Get real! 清醒点!
Keep it down! 小声点!
That makes the two of us. 彼此彼此。
I won't be long. 我马上回来。
I know you mean well. 我知道你是好意。
She's a real hot dish! 她真是秀色可餐。
She’s some dish! 她是个美人儿。
I wish him a quick recovery! 我祝你早日康复。
Can you break a $100 bill? 一佰元你可以找得开吗?
She knows what she wants. 她知道自己要什么。
There's a hitch. 出了一点小波折/小问题。
Don't give me that moral crap! 少给我来那一套道德说教!
What the hell is that? 那是什么鬼东西?
Doll face! 娃娃脸。
Baby face! 娃娃脸。
Lover boy! 小白脸;男朋友 。
It can't be worse! 糟糕极了。
Sounds good to me. 听起是不错。
Don't you get it!? She can't stand you! 她受不了你,你不明白吗?
He's a lifetime buddy. 他是忘年之交。
Sewage slime ball! 滑头的臭混蛋!
Rules are rules! 规定就是规定。
Have I lost ya? 你跟不上吗?
I think things got to change sometime. 我想情况总会改变的。
He's got a reputation. 他是有头有脸的人,他是个大情人。
You shocked the hell out of me! 你吓了我一大跳!
She knocked everybody out. 她震惊四座。
Come on! Kill them. 给他们好看。
Alright, in a sec., OK? 好啦,马上好。
She's wide awake. 她清醒得很,她早就醒了。
Let's draw straws. 我们来抽签。
This is got to stop. 这不可再发生。
Can do! 可以,行!
No, not can do. 不,不行。
Can't do! 不行!
Are you laughing at me? 你在笑我吗?
Take a number! 你等着吧!
I couldn't be happier! 我再高兴不过了!
Where did that come from? 说哪话? 从哪听来的?
We think he's dirty. 我们认为他有污点/不清廉。
We may need this lead. 我们可能需要这条线索。
Back off! 退后!
It didn't work out! 行不通!
Cut that crap! 少胡说八道!
No use. 没用。
You have my words. 我向你保证。
I can tell. 我看得出来。
It's not my night. 我今晚运气不好。
Everything went wrong. 一切都不对劲。
The manager's a real ass. 经理是个混球。
What a lonely feeling! 真感到凄凉。
This is insane. 太疯狂了。
That gives me the chill. 使我毛骨悚然。
It's creepy. 令人毛骨悚然。
It gives me the creeps. 令人毛骨悚然。
Carry on! 加油,加把劲!
He sleeps pretty sound. 他睡得很熟。
Well? 怎样,如何?
Let's just drop it. 别提了。
That'll explain it. 难怪; 怪不得。
That explains it. 难怪; 怪不得。
Any luck? 得手了吗? 成了吗?
No luck! 没有。
I like it here. 我喜欢这里。
I'll take care of it. 我来搞定。
You wouldn't dare! 你敢!
I dare you! 我向你挑战!
I couldn't believe you did that! 我不敢相信你真的做了!
Jesus, it's a massacre! 天啊,一团混乱!
What's the catch? 买什么关子,有什么条件?
This can't be happening! 不可能的。
Yes, it's happening. 但确实发生了。
I'll try not to. 我尽量不要这样。
You're scaring me. 你吓到我了。
It’s scary! 真恐怖!
He must be close by. 他一定在附近。
What does it prove? 这证明了什么?
You're never to talk about this. 你不应该谈论此事。
I'm so sick of these people. 这些人令我呕心。
It doesn't matter. 没关系,不重要。
Don't be ridiculous! 别开玩笑了!
How's that? 怎么会?
We're going to work it out. 我们总会想办法的,总会解决问题的。
Dad always had the final say. 决定权在爸爸。
We'll see what he's got to say. 我们看看他有什么话要说。
They'll fetch you. 他们会帮你拿来。
I'm a wreck now. 我累死了。
He's the best friend I ever had. 他是我这辈子最要好的朋友。
He spoke up for me. 他挺身为我说话。
I couldn't get (catch) my breath. 我喘不过气来。
No work, no food, no buck. 一无所有。
Don't you worry! 不用担心!
You've slept clock around. 你已经睡了一整天了。
What's the rush? 急什么?
We've got a stiff / body upstairs. 楼上有一具尸体。
Are you saying it's an inside job? 你是说这是内贼干的?
You just stopped by to see me? 你只是顺道来看我?
I'd better be going. 我该走了。
Do you have the idea what time it is? 你知道现在几点了?
Kiss your ass good-bye! 滚你的蛋!
He seems to be attracted to you. 他好像对妳有好感。
Nice meeting you. 很高兴认识你。
Don't anyone run off. 别走开。
Bicycling isn't my thing. 骑脚踏车我不拿手。
You're toasted. 你死定了。
What's the story? 怎么回事。
I can't take it anymore. 我再也受不了了。
She’s a psychic. 她是灵媒。
He’s a psycho (sicko). 他是个变态。
Let me buy you dinner. 我请妳吃饭。
You're a terrific storyteller. 你是个说故事的能手。
He’s out of love. 他失恋了。
For real? 玩真的? 当真?
For real. 真的。
Show time! 开始啰! 上场啰!
Party time! 开始啰!
Let's party! 现在开始吧!
I'd like to make an exception. 我可以破例。
What a spare tire you’ve got! 你肚子好肥喔!
You've got spare tires. 你浑身赘肉。
Get a little stretch. 活动活动手脚。
Wait up! 等等!
How are you doing? 你还好吗?
Fine, fine, never better! 好,好得很(再好不过了)!
We don't yet know. 我们还不知道。
We don't bother to protest. 我们不想抗议。
We don't bother to vote. 我们不想投票。
Don't get it wrong! 别会错意。
He's clean. 他没带武器,他是清白的。
On what grounds? 什么理由?
I could, but I wouldn't. 我可以做到,我只是不做而己。
It’s out of the question! 不行!
Don't hang up. 不要挂断。
Keep away! Go away! 走开!
Don't break the date! 不要失约喔!
Just speak it out! 说出来吧!
I'm still very pro-black. 我还是非常支持黑人。
That doesn't mean to say she likes you. 那不表示她喜欢你。
Morning, little 小甜饼,早安,小毛。
Hi, pumpkin! 嗨,小毛!
Hi, ace! 嗨,小毛!
Hi, sweetie! 嗨,小甜心!
Hi, champ! 嗨,小毛!
He did a real good job. 他真的做得很好。
He's such a kidder! 他真会开玩笑。
So you had a rough (hard) time?! 你日子很难过吧?
Thank you for your time. 谢谢你花那么多时间(听我吐苦水),谢谢你的接待。
I'll be right with you. 我马上回来。
How forgetful of me. 我太健忘了。
You have a short memory! 你太健忘了。
How is it going? 进行得怎么样?
I can't complain! 太好了!
Good hunting! 祝好收获!
So I heard. 我听说了。
Beer's on me, kids. 兄弟们,我请喝啤酒。
Put him away for a while. 把他关起来一阵子。
She's a real pro. 她是个好手,她是专家。
They're coming for you! 他们马上就来找(抓)你了!
This is a cop thing. 这是警察的事。
That's a Jimmy thing. 吉米才会干那种事,那是吉米的作风。
How's that? 如何? 怎么会呢?
He is a good man. 他是个好人。
Good my ass! 好个屁!
None of your God damned business! 没你的事! 关你屁事!
It pays to visit Paris. 巴黎值得一游。
It's paid off. 很值得。
I don't get it. 我不懂。
He’s a real ass! 他是个混蛋球。
OK, sure thing. 好啊,当然可以。
Let me guess. 让我猜猜看。
She has a future in movies. 她在电影圈有前途。
I got to make sure my career is going somewhere. 我必须确定我的事业有前景。
No, you’re going nowhere. 不,你不会有前途的。
May I ask who's calling? (电话)请问您是哪一位?
I didn't mean any offense. 我无意冒犯。
We'll get him. 我们会逮到他的。
Your dinner's getting cold. 你的晚餐快凉了。
Whatever got to be, got to be. 该来的就会来。
I have the access. 我有管道。
It's not gonna be easy. 事情是不轻松。
You just got to try. 你得试试。
Just a sec. 等会儿。
There you go! 好啦! 你说得对! 对啦!
Nothing really changed. 情况没什么改变。
You just stick close by, OK? 你紧跟着,好吗?
I want to stick around for a while. 我想混一会儿。
He is hooking on the net all day long! 他整天挂在网络上。
Make your move now! 动手吧。
He’s taking odd jobs. 他打零工。
Stay out of trouble! 不要惹麻烦。
What are you up to? 你想干嘛?
You've gotta come up with a new idea. 你必须想个新点子。
He came up with a strange question! 他问了一个怪问题。
I’m in. 我加入。
You're imagining things! 你胡思乱想。
He's got a record. 他有前科。
Don't be so hard on yourself. 你不要对自己太苛。
Book him down. 把他带走。
Whatever it takes! = I don't care what it takes. 我不在乎花什么代价。
She volunteered me. 她替我主张。
I'll turn you in. 我会检举你。
That's not a Jack move. 那不是杰克的作风。
You have a minute? 你有空吗?
You got a minute? 你有空吗?
It's junk! 这是烂东西。
Just let it go. 忘了这件事吧!
Are you nuts?! 你疯了!
I can't break a hundred-dollar bill. 一佰元我找不开。
You've got to be there! 你一定要去!
You guessed right! 你猜对了!
Don't be a stranger. 不要见外。
Things will change. 情况会改变的。
You shouldn't be doing this! 你不应该这样! 你不该如此!
This is a kid stuff. 这是儿戏。
You pissed me off! 你把我惹毛了!
That pisses me off! 那使我很火大!
You're such a mess! 你真狼狈!
You look like shit! 你真狼狈!
Oh, tell me about it! 这还用你说!
You know something? 你知道吗? 我告诉你呀…
Tell you what … 我告诉你呀…
Who do you think you're talking to? 你以为自己在对谁说话?
You're shitting me! 你骗我!
Don’t get involved. 不要介入。
Her figure is out of shape. 她的身材走样了。
Let me take you out this evening. 我今晚请她出去。
On a date? 约会吗?
I'm easy, but not that easy. 我很随和,可不是随便。
Meaning? 什么意思?
So what's stopping you? 那什么事让条你裹足不前?
How graphic! 真生动。
I'm under cover. 我是卧底人员。
Sorry, I'm taking so long. 抱歉,我耽误太久了。
You're in deep shit this time! 你麻烦大了!
Are you in trouble? 你遇上麻烦了吗?
He is in big trouble now! 他现在麻烦大了!
She's a chattering box. 她是个话匣子。
It's out of order. 坏了,故障了。
How does it go? 进行得如何?
Good job, Mike. 麦克,干得好; 表现很好。
Any idea who it might be? 知道是谁(做的)吗?
We'll track him down. 我们会逮到他的。
Suit me! 去告我吧!
May I be excused? 我可以先告退吗?
My bad, alright? 算我的错好吗?
Who's gonna blame? 该怪谁呢?
Think about the bright side. 事情要看光明面。
I was laughing my head / butts off! 我笑翻了!
I laughed my ass off! 笑死我了!
Just for old time's sake. 叙叙旧嘛!
My good deed in a day! 日行一善呀!
He dumped me! 他甩了我!
Drop dead! 去死吧!
Go to hell! 去死吧!
What a surprise! 稀客稀客! 真想不到啊!
He's so likable. 他好可爱。
He always kisses his boss’s ass / butt. 他老是拍老板马屁。
You pack it back? 打包带回去吗?
Am I boring you? 我让你感到很烦吗? 很无趣吗?
Guess what I have in my lunch. 猜猜我的午餐吃什么?
You never learned! 你就是得不到教训!
What a bumpy ride! 一路颠簸。
It’s a bumpy road. 颠簸的路。
So I've been told. 我听说了。
It's been 20 minutes. 已经二十分钟了。
You saved my bottom / ass / butt / life. 你救了我一命。
We're on the same page here? 我们是在说同一件事吗? 我们取得共识了吗?
Do we understand each other? 我们彼此了解了吗? 我们取得共识了吗?
Is it understood? 了解了吗?
Is that understood? 了解了吗?
No exceptions. 不可破例 / 破戒。
I'll always be there for you. 我会一直支持你。
The name fits. 人如其名。
I'm beat! 我累死了!
I couldn't get myself to do that! 我无法如此做!
That's the easiest way out. 那是最好的出路 / 最好的解决之道。
He's real dramatic. 他真夸张。
She's calling in sick again. 她又请病假了。
You better get used to it. 你最好快点适应。
His luck ran out. 他好日子不再了; 他好运用完了。
He got life (life in prison). 他被判无期徒刑。
I've a very bad feeling about this. 我感觉这事情不对劲。
I'll take the wheel. 我来驾驶。
What do you want from me? 你到底要我怎么样?
Shoot! 说吧! 有屁快放!
I'd better get going! = I've got to go. 我得走了。
I'd like to take a rain check! 下一次吧。
Maybe some other time. 下一次吧。
Maybe some other day. 改天吧。
Are you hitting on her? 你在追她吗?
He's good! 他有两下子。
You spying on me? 你在窥探(跟踪)我吗?
I didn't mean to pry. 我不是有意刺探(事情)。
Don't flatter yourself! 你少臭美了。
She's a drug addict. 她是个毒虫。
You're under oath. 你发过誓了。
How long will it take? 要花多少时间?
It can take years. 可能得花很久时间
I'm gonna tickle you! 我要搔你痒了。
That's a dumb idea. 真是个笨主意。
You got to get over it! 你必须要克服这件事。
Stop playing the game! 别再跟我玩游戏了。
Hold it! 站住,停住!
Freeze! 站住!
He's on parole. 他正在假释中。
I'm allergic to the cat! 我对猫过敏!
I could've sworn! 我发誓(是这样的)。
He's hitching. 他搭便车。
I'm trying to make a point here. 我就是要把这件事说清楚。
He's my suspect. I'm bringing him in. 他是我的嫌犯,我要将他逮捕归案。
There's a killer on the loose! 有个凶手正逍遥法外。
She fell apart. 她崩溃了。
She broke down. 她崩溃了。
You dumb bell. 你这笨蛋。
Is it going to help? 这样有用吗? 有所助益吗?
You, quitter! 你这半途而废的人。
You, loser! 你这失败者。
Can that be arranged? 可以安排一下吗?
Don't argue. That's the way things are. 不用争辩了,道理本来就是这样。
Not a good time? (我来得)时候不对吗? 不方便吗?
Get the hell out of here! = You kidding me? 不会吧! 你开玩笑!
Sit tight! 坐稳啦!
Sleep tight! 好好睡!
Just be cool, all right? 冷静点可以吗?
Welcome to the party! 来得好!
I'm all ears. 我洗耳恭听。
You're lying your head off! 看你臭盖得眉飞色舞。
You're the best. 你是最棒的。
Thank you for sharing. 谢谢你告诉我。
She's giving up. 她要放弃了。
No good. (NG) 不好,重来。
He is a bum. 他是流浪汉。
Oh God, here we go again! 天啊,又来(这一套)了。
Here you go. 拿去吧,好啦。
Here you are. 拿去吧。
Here we go. 好啦。
I'll take a hug. 抱一下。
Come on. Give me a hug! 来,抱一下。
It's got to change. 事情总会改变的。
We're not communicating. 鸡同鸭讲。
I feel very happy for you. 我为你感到高兴。
I'm gonna do the sweep. 我要扫地。
I'm old and loose. 我已人老珠黄。
It's appalling! 真吓人!
It’s scary! 真可怕!
It's been a nice chat, but I gotta go. 很高兴跟你聊聊,可是我得走了。
I’m on duty! 我正在当班。
I'm off duty. 我下班了。
Spook House! 恐怖屋。
Warp party! 杀青派对。
You're not even close! 门都没有,八字都没一撇。
End of story! 说完啦!
Is it all worth it? 值得吗?
Don't insult my intelligence! 不要侮辱我的智慧。
Don't give me that! 少来这套!
No compromises! 不妥协!
This’s not gonna work! 这行不通的!
I know it by heart. 我牢记在心。
She's a big gross. 她很胖。
Freeze! Split your legs! 别动,把脚(腿)分开!
The backup will be here any minute! 支持马上就到!
Knock it off! = Cut it out! 少来了,住手。
Cut the crap! 少来了,胡说八道!
What does it taste like? 尝起来如何?
Fall out! 解散!
I'll find out! 我会查出真相的!
This isn't easy for all of us. 这对我们来说都不好受。
Not a chance! = No way 不行,不可能。
I'm no fool, man! 老兄,我可不是傻瓜。
Thank you for everything. 谢谢你的一切(帮助)。
We bloody got him! 我们可逮到他了!
That happens! 没关系,常有这种事(这种事常发生)。
Do I owe her an apology? 我要向她道歉吗?
What's the catch? 卖什么关子? 耍什么花招?
You were saying? 你刚才说到哪儿?
We're nailed! 我们被盯上了!
She miscarried. 她流产了。
She lost her sight. 她失明了。
Look out! 小心!
Stay back! 退回去!
What're you getting at? 你打啥主意?
Let's hit the trail/road! 上路吧。
Cat got your tongue? 说不出话了吧? 怎么不讲话呢?
You got a moment? 有空吗?
You are my everything! 你是我的一切!
They'll take you out! 他们会把你干掉!
Very impressive! 真厉害!
We're in good shape! 我们情况还不错!
He’s got balls! 他很有种!
He’s got guts! 他很有种!
You have no balls! 你没种!
You’ve got no guts! 你没种!
You’re gutless! 你没种!
Let me get this straight. 让我是把事情搞清楚, 讲清楚。
Cut off this shit. 少废话。
He got away with it. 他逃脱了, 开脱了。
Don't get that look! 不要摆那种脸色。
Real bad! 真糟糕!
My bad! 是我的错!
Let's get down to business. 我们就开门见山吧,我们直话直说吧。
He’s a down-to-earth person. 他是个很实际的人。
What is it to you? 那关你什么事?
It's all healed up. 痊愈了。
Don't blow it. 不要搞砸了。
Don't ever do that again. 不要再那样。
I'm backing out. 我退出。
I'll keep an eye on you. 我会盯箸你的。
You are a player. 你是个中好手。
He's grounded. 他被禁足了。
Get your ass down! 你给我下来!
Get your ass out! 你给我出去!
You got me. 你难倒我了。
That's worth trying. 值得一试。
That's so gross. 真恶心。
Do you think you're so hot? 你以为自己很了不起吗?
You don't belong here. 你不属于这里,你不是这块料。
I owe you one. 我欠你一次。
It can't be helped. 没办法。
You got to carry on. 你要撑下去。
Let’s hang out sometime. 我们找个时间出去混一混吧。
It's kind of early. 还有点早。
You're letting me down. 你让我扫兴,失望。
Don’t let me down. 不要让我失望。
There's no turning back. 这是不归路。
Take it or leave it! 要不要?不要拉倒!  接不接受? 不要就算了!
All set? = All ready? 都准备好啦?
I'm really excited about this! 好刺激喔!
I'm booked today. 我今天已经约满。
Book him! 把他拘押。
I made the kid a promise. 我已经答应孩子了。
Is it coming back to you? 想起来了吗?
I need fifty. 我要一半。
What’s new? 有什么新鲜事?
You look like shit! 你看起来真狼狈。
Everybody's happy! 皆大欢喜。
Shoot! 有话快说,有屁快放。
We can get through this together. 我们可以一起渡此难关。
You just don't get it. 你就是不明白; 你就是不懂状况。
What do you care? 关你啥事。
They’re brainwashed! 他们被洗脑了!
I'll make it up to you. 我会补偿你的。
He always screws around. 他老是到处鬼混。
You wanna play hard ball? I’m in game! 你要玩硬的,我奉陪!
You lost your mind? 你疯了?
Knock it off! 少来了!
Scum-back! 混蛋,人渣!
Watch your mouth! 小心你的嘴吧,说话当心点!
Holy hell! 天啊!
Keep it between us. 不要说出去喔。
Where did he take her? 他带她到哪里去了?
Don't you ever mess with me. 别耍我。
Stay tuned! 别换频道。
What do you think of him? 你觉得他怎么样?
This is it? 就这样?
Dickhead! 混球,混蛋!
Whatever you say. 你说了算。
What is it this time? 这一回又搞什么名堂?
You scare the hell /shit out of me! 你吓死我了!
I'll see you around. 回头见,再见。
It just came up. 说溜了嘴。
I slipped! 我说溜了嘴。
My alarm (clock) didn't go off. 我的闹钟没响。
Got a minute? 有空吗?
Take my word for it. 相信我的话。
I'm older and smarter. 容我倚老卖老。
That's the spirit! 这才对。
You've got to let it go. 你必须忘了这件事。
It's not my responsibility. 这不是我的责任。
It's your option. 是你的抉择。
No problem! 没关系!
Holy smokes! 天啊!
Holy mother! 天啊!
Holy cow! 天啊!
Holy crap! 天啊!
Holy shit! 天啊!
You never know! 说不定呢!
He kept low profile. 他保持低姿态
When is it due? 什么时候到期?
When is the deadline? 什么时候截止?
I got a little bit mixed up. 我有点胡涂了。
I took it as a compliment. 我认为这是赞美。
What's on your mind? 你心里在想什么? 你有什么主意?
I'm on my way. 我马上就来。
The car is low in the gas. 车子快没油了。
Don't screw it with me. 少来这套。
You're history! = You're dead meat. 你完了,你死定了。
I can't afford to blow this! 事情搞砸了我负不起责任。
You stink! 你这烂货。
You jerk! 你这混球。
You always get what you want. 你总是有办法得到你想要的。
Not all the time! 不完全是,不是每次都能得手。
You can't do this all the time! 你不能老是这样做。
That's the last thing you should do. 你不该那样做。
You're looking good! 你看起来气色不错。
I can't believe we're doing this. 真不敢相信我们做到了。
Stop fussing! 不要无理取闹!
You've made a good start. 你已经有了一个好的开始。
I don't like it! 事情不妙。
I'm dying to see you. 我急着想跟你见面。
I threw up. 我吐了。
I'm sober. 我清醒得很。
It’s not doing you any good. 这对你没啥好处。
I don't know! 搞不懂!我不知道该怎么办!
He's available. 他在,他可以。
We've covered for you long enough. 我们帮你掩护太久了,罩太久了。
You sold me. = I'll take it. 我买了。
Get your butt/ass over there! 你给我过去那儿!
It's not for free. 这不是免费的。
Can I get you something? 需要点什么吗?
I'm paying for it! 我现在正付出代价,真是现世报!
They mate for each other. 他们真是绝配。
She's getting out of control (out of hand). 她快失控了。
Can we talk? 我们可以谈谈吗?
We'll manage. 我们自会料理。
Don't you worry. 你不用担心。
Everything is under control. 一切都在控制之中。
Take a guess. 猜猜看。
Just a glance. 看一下就好。
She's gonna be fine. 她不会有事的。
Hold it. 慢着,等等。
On the double! 马上!立刻!快点!
Is there anything I can do for you? 请问有何贵干?
That's what I like. 我就是喜欢那样。
That's what I need. 正是我所需要的。
Leave it to me. 让我来。
Got it? 懂了吗?
I mean it. 我是说真的。
Don't answer the door. 不要开门。
I'll be right back. 我马上回来。
Why the hell didn't you tell me? 你为什么不告诉我呢?
Turn him over to the police. 向警察检举他。
But anyway, it doesn't matter much. 总之,不会有太大关系的。
They're all busted. 他们全都被揍了,被逮了。
No argument! 不必争论!
How can you tell? 你怎么知道?你怎么看得出来?
You are looking great! / You look great! 你看起来气色很好。
I don't believe this is really happening! 我不敢相信这事竟然成真了!
What a crap! 一派胡言,胡说八道。
But don't get the idea that… 不要误认为…
Don’t get it wrong! 不要会错意。
Let's get started. 我们开始吧,动手吧。
Let's take a vote. 我们投票表决吧。
How's my timing? 我时间拿捏得怎么样?
Lock up all this area. 封锁这一区。
Nothing get overlooked. 不要漏掉(忽略)任何东西。
What the fuck are you doing here? 你他妈的在这里干什么?
It's a long shot! 这是件磨人的差事。
It's not what you think! 不是你想象的那样。
Don't insult me. 不要侮辱我。
Nope! 不。
Don't be such a child. 不要像小孩子一样。
Don’t be childish! 不要孩子气了。
Can we just drop it! 我们别谈这件事了吧!
I never felt better. 我感到再好不过了。
Don't screw this up. 不要把这事搞砸了。
We've nothing to hide. 我们没啥好隐瞒的。
I almost leaked in my pants. 我差一点就连尿在裤子里。
Don't insult their intellig



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